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Holman Toaster

Looking for a toaster that can grates and toasters that can grates? Look no further than the Holman star quartz heater element to qcs-1-350 120 v 400 this toaster has a quick heat up time of 10 seconds so you can get your baking done quickly and easily, the 400 w power is perfect for larger shopping centers or those who want to toast bread in large groups.

L190 Manual + Instructions
197841 700 Watts 104v / 208v 12 Amp

Heating Tube for Star Holman

By OER for Holman


Holman EZ10 Conveyor Toaster

Holman EZ10 Conveyor Toaster

By Holman Cooking Equipment



P/N197841 HOLMAN /STAR 104V 700W



Star Toaster

This Holman qcs2-800 w conveyor toaster is perfect for toasting bread or other food, with it's 8 th wheel grates, this toaster is perfect for larger groups. The Holman qcs2-800 w is also a great toaster for families as it has ability to toast multiple items at once, the star Holman conveying system is designed for use in commercial businesses and outdoor areas. This system is equipped with two Holman star conveyor systems, each with an 20 pound capacity, the systems are connected to each other by a common controller, allowing for quick and easy service. The star conveying system has a quick connect system, making it easy to set up and use, the star conveyor toaster electronic 240 v 1 phase adjustable speed new is perfect for those who want a toaster that can start to taste something like, but is still celsius temperature friendly. This star conveying system can handle up to 2 plates at the same time and can be easily hc-2 nd-nd switched to any temperature level from 0 rm to 2 rm, the new speed can also be lowered to 1 rm to start to taste something like a sloppy joe, yet still be celsius temperature friendly. The Holman ircs2-nd conveyor toaster will be available in september, if you're looking for a toaster that can toasts bread and cartoons with its 700 watt power, the Holman toaster is the right choice. This toaster comes with a heating tube that helps to toast bread and pancakes, the tube can grow with the toaster to provide up to 1400 watts of heat. The toaster also has a timer and temperature control, making it perfect for toasting bread or pancakes.